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Friday, Jun. 18, 2004, 1:40 p.m.: happy/mad...

I hate when people don't answer emails. It seriously drives me fucking crazy!!! Okay, today I'm in a good mood BUT I'm not happy with alot of the most recent happenings. Does that make any sense? No...but whatever. So I got my stuff returned from 4 more agents and the ones I've called up so far are saying the same shit to me. Telling me how slow it is right now and how nobody is taking on new clients. Depressing, yes. The up side is that I've gotten increasingly more comfortable calling up random agents to talk a/b my package and I even invited a few to the premier of my movie. Everyone that I invited gave me a very positive response...even though they didn't fully confirm, I still got them thinking a/b it. So if I'm lucky, some will call me back so that I can give them tix...for free, of course. If not, then it's my loss. Shit! That doesn't sound right. Anyways, the other good thing is that I got one of the papers calling me back and hopefully, when I talk to the guy today, he will agree to do a story on us/ME.

The other thing that's pissing me off today is this. I'm suppose to be shooting tonight. My call time is 4pm but the producer [who is suppose to be the competent one] failed to email me a call sheet with the location on it. I have a hotmail account that I get all my acting info sent to, so if she sends it to me now I wont get it. I can't check hotmail here @ work. So now I have to call her myself, for the info, which isn't that big of problem...but it's not really my job. Producer's are suppose to be overly organized individuals but she is not. Based on her history so far, during this shoot, I think she should find herself another job. As far as my scenes go for today, they'd better not change them a/r on me or I will be royally pissed off. I know all my Friday scenes down perfect but last weekend they started switching everything on me.