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Thursday, Jun. 17, 2004, 1:49 p.m.: suck it up...

Holy fuck...FINALLY!!!! This thing is seriously busy, man! I always wondered why I enjoyed saying 'man' so much. I thought I was the only one who still used that expression...but it turns out there are still many that are stuck in the 'man' era. I love it. It's kinda like 'fuck' to me...just adds that extra bit of exclamation to your point. Yea, so onto less trivial matters. Well, that's kinda a lie b/c this entry will probably be filled with stuff that nobody really cares a/b except for me. Oh well...what can you do?!

My family left to go to Florida this morning @ 4am. Everyone except for my mother, who is staying here until June 29th...when the elections are over. Yea, I thought I'd be free of her for longer than a week but no such luck. I really shouldn't talk like that, b/c if something ever happened to her I would be sure to be a fucking basket case. My anger though stems [amoung other things] from the fact that she is staying back to help [no, volunteer] with the elections here and is leaving on June 29th...A DAY B/F MY FUCKING PREMIER!!!! That's what pisses me off...I should be mad @ my Dad to though, b/c he left for even longer and had nothing to say a/b teh whole matter. They changed all the dates for the whole fucking stupid trip just to accomodate my mother and her volunteer-fucking-work. Holy selfish, eh? It's funny too b/c I mentioned when they were deciding to do this change of dates. I said, 'well, you do realize that your trip will now run into my premier right?'. They froze and my mother was like, 'Oh, really?'...in that stupid stereotypical dumb blonde tone. So I responded with my cool ass, 'Well, @ least you paid for the tix so it's your loss I guess'...instead of saying, 'Why can't you stay to come and support me @ my first movie premier?'!!!! You know WHY I didn't say that?? B/c it probably would have been more stressful for me to deal with them being there, and not being supportive, than to have them miss it and not get the chance to either say something negative...or even worse, say nothing @ all. Yea, fun stuff. They suck. What made it even funnier to me though was when she responded to my comment with a 'Well, I'd rather be there to see it' and then continued to look @ her calender...AND THEN making the phone call to do the change right a/f!!!! My heart wants to jump out of my chest when I write this shit, you know?! AHHHHHHH!!! Fuck it...I need to suck it up like the adult that I'm suppose to be...and hold onto the resentment, so that it effects me later into life!!