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Thursday, May. 27, 2004, 11:13 a.m.: WTF?!

Okay, I am fuming right now!!! For one, the fact that I don't feel that the publicist working on my movie is putting any effort into promoting anyone else except for one chick...the girl who got her the gig in the first place. I'm feeling slighted and left out. Two of the women so far, have decided to move in and help run the show with the director. I'll admit that, yes, it was a great biz move but now I'm being omitted from alot of shit due to their petty jealousy. I don't hear anything what-so-ever a/b what is going on and who is handling what. I have not been asked to do a thing yet. I've already had one of them go and do what I said I COULD do...get food and catering for free. I've dedicated alot of my time already, when the rest of the cast has been away and I'm here left in the dark and out in the cold. I'm so pissed off. Then the latest comes today, when I get an email from the last chick of the cast. She put together some improv scenes for the cast, to promote the film down @ a local t.v. booth we have here. I go through the scenes and find that I am the ONLY one who has nothing!!!!! WTF?!?!?! I'm fully fed up now and am going to go and have a talk with the director a/b this shit asap. I don't see how it's fair that any one of us is being favoured over the other, when we've each put in our fair share of work. Now the fact that one of us [me] seems to be being left out of the promo shit. Why?! What's the fuckign problem?! Don't tell me she FORGOT a/b me?!?! @ the same time, it gives me a serious ego boost to know that I'm that intimidating to all of them. I don't even have to do a thing and they're trying to find out ways to squash me out. Another funny thing is that I do have to power to seriously fuck over one of these women, if this continues. Besides that these fucks WILL be sorry one day. Mark my fucking words when I say that. I'll even write that in blood to be even more dramatic.

Now, back to work.