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Thursday, May. 13, 2004, 12:08 p.m.: reunion...

I bumped into my 'x' yesterday. He was on a patio with some of his friends and they all waved as I drove by. I decided to stop and say hi to them, fuck I spent almost 7 years with all those guys...it's the least I could have done. So I get out of my car and all three of them were walking towards me. I was nervous @ first b/c I was seeing 'him' for the first time in a long time and I was sort of under the impression that he was hating me. I hadn't heard any response to any of the emails that I had sent him, so I thought he was trying to just forget a/b me. He was very nervous to see me again, but very happy too...which sort of caught me off guard. I went back to the bar with them and decided to stay for dinner there. We all caught up and he was so nervous to be sitting beside me that he commented on how much his nerves were effecting him. It's good to see that he's ventured out of his hibernation stage and into civilization again. He told me that he has just been diagnosed with depression. I looked @ him and in no attempt to be mean, said, 'You've been suffering from depression for the last 10 years, you just figured this out now?!' He laughed and said that he never understood that's what was wrong with him. I'm glad that he's finally in the light a/b his attitude though and that he wants to change, for his own good. It was nice to be able to sit with them again and be civil. They were reminising a/b how crazy I was back then. My explosive side usually got the best of me when it was coupled with his attitude. He deserved everything he got back then, I make no apologese. We were laughing a/b it, but @ the time they were all very scared b/c I got so worked up a/b things. Now though, his best friend is dating an Italian girl and he notices the similarities between us. He goes to my 'x' for advice in how to deal with her, but they claim that she is NOTHING compared to how I use to be. Well, I'm glad I could be rememebered for something so colorful, eh? Funny shit! I'll probably go see them Monday's when they're there @ the bar. A bunch of them are also going to come out and see my movie when it premieres, so that's cool too.

I also got to go and check out an improv comedy troupe last night. I went to meet up with this new guy who is a tad smitten with me. Thankfully he showed up with some other actors. By the time I got there I was late and I had my girlfriend with me too...I didn't have to feel bad a/b the situation. There is something strange a/b him...something not quite right with him mentally. I don't know if it's just that he's anxious and it causes him to not grasp, intellectually, all of what you're saying but I find that he reads certain things the wrong way. He's emotionally delayed, is what I believe, and he is that way b/c of something that happened to him in his past. Not sure what but it's definately stunted him. He's also much older than I thought he was and that's a bit freaky in itself. Oh well.