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Wednesday, May. 12, 2004, 12:22 p.m.: stiff...

OMG!!!! I was working on my arms this morning @ the gym. It's tricep/bicep/chest day. I only do one chest exercise and then I spend the rest of the time working my arms. Over the past months I've noticed a drastic increase in my strength. It's a good thing, until you start to misjudge your strength and over challenge yourself. I was working triceps and I burnt them out to the point where I couldn't finish my sets...twice! Mostly my right one, but I feel like it's stiff right now. Muscle stiffness is a bitch...especially when I'm trying to type this crap out right now. Holy fuck! I still love it though. Pain is my salvation...it's all worth it in the end.

I'm having this issue with a girlfriend of mine. She stiffed me for lunch one day last week. We were suppose to go out to eat for 4pm and she finished up what she was doing earlier and then basically tried to demand that we go then or she was going to eat @ home instead, b/c she was hungry. To which I replied with a 'fine, whatever...eat @ home'. I was pretty pissed off, thought her behavior was selfish and rude @ least. I confronted her a/b it the next day and she brushed it off, gave me an apology [that was just a filler, in my opinion] and then she hasn't contacted me since. I don't think I was over reacting, I think my upset was called for, but I have since sent her some emails to try let her know that I'm not going to dwell on the issue. She's been avoiding me for over a week now. Of course, when something is brought up like this it's up to the individual to take note and consider it for next time. I wont be taking that shit from her, ever. So if she thinks that this avoidance thing is going to make me forget the root issue @ hand, she's got another thing coming. Nobody demands my fucking time.

Tonight I'm going to see this comedy show with this new guy and my girlfriend. He wants me but I'm not that into him. He's hot, but that's all he is to me. It's a no win situation when you're bound to someone else...there's nohing I can do to stop it. I just submit to the feelings I have and that's it. It'll still be fun though to hang out with him, I'm sure. Very few can hook me, but when they do it's a tight fit. I tend to attract the very different boys...you can't fit them into a category other than 'the guys that I love'.