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Tuesday, May. 11, 2004, 9:11 a.m.: a/b time...

It's a/b time they started putting the right amount of fucking cream cheese on my damn bagel!! Pisses the shit out of me when I get my $1.64 worth of bagel home, only to find that it's really just a bagel with a teaspoon of cream cheese on it. Then the bastards try to charge you .60 for extra cream cheese...rip off!! They charge you to put the right amount of cheese on your bagel!!! Anyways, now they seem to have gotten it right.

I caught QAF last night, not like I ever don't catch it. A friend of mine was on it, right @ the end. He played one of the 'straight' guys who's a homo hater. I find it funny though that every straight guy/girl the pink posse come into contact with seems to be an hater. Maybe I'm too idealistic but I've never witnessed ignorance to that extent...I think they're really overdoing it. I guess the plot line needs it though, otherwise the posse would have nobody to retaliate against constantly. To get back to buddy, he did a great job...I was impressed with his work. Jealous too, that he got to work with my future husband Gale Harold [I think that's his last name, or my future last name rather!]. Apparenlty, the set of the show is packed with dildos and all they talk a/b is sex. Surprise surprise. It's suppose to be alot of fun to work on. I can only imagine.