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Friday, May. 14, 2004, 9:35 a.m.: work...

So a/f a week and a half of ignoring me, I get an email this morning. She says, 'hey, what's new?'. WTF?!?! What kind of greeting is that?!?! You avoid me for THAT long and then that's all you have to say when you DO make contact. I really cannot be bothered with her anymore...I'm getting pretty fed up. I responded by saying, 'not much...you?' and that's it. I don't really want to talk to her. I certainly have not missed her in the time we haven't been speaking. That's sad to be saying a/f all the years we spent together but it's the truth. She wears me out and I don't know how much longer I can take of it. Oh wow, she replied and her answer was, 'same'. Nice.

It looks like it's going to piss pour rain today. We've been holding out for this all week and now it has to come on the weekend...of course. Yesterday there was a huge chemical explosion in my area. I was trying to take my sister to her dance class and the cops had blocked off the whole street. There were 6 fire trucks and 2 ambulances. In that respect, the rain will be great. I think there's something in the air over there though. A couple weeks earlier, a factory worker there went postal and shot his boss. Who knows, this may even be related. Fucking chemical explosions...disgruntled employees. How disgusting!! What the fuck is happening?!?!

I have an audition for a host position tomorrow. It's paid too. I have to talk a/b alcohol and interview people. I figure I'll just go and have some fun with it. I think it would be great to get that kind of position...it would be a great break for me. Open some doors, for sure. Did I mention that I ended up getting the part of the depressed chick in that feature film?! Another lead role to add to my resume...another challenge for my acting arsenal. I picked up a copy of a short I finished recently and I watched it last night. It turned out so good! They used some special effects which were much better than I had anticipated. I brought it to my girlfriend's house and we watched it. She's not use to seeing me on t.v. yet. She gets the same feeling a/b seeing me as I do a/b seeing me on the screen. I've gotten use to it, but it's very weird for her still. The director is writing another script and has me in mind for the lead role in it. She's definately a talented one, that girl.