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Friday, May. 07, 2004, 11:28 a.m.: hmmm...

You'd think my voice would be shot to shit today! I was nominated 'the screamer' for the adr on our film. So horror and creep is courtesy of 'yours truely'. I hope it scares the fuck out of people! Did a good enough job scaring the director and sound guy, so. I hate adr work though.

I didn't catch the final episode of Friends. I never got a chance to really watch the show religiously or anything. I don't even really care if I never watch the taped episodes all my friends have. Now if it was QAF, you'd better believe I'd be watching it. Every radio station today has ruined the ending anyways for me, so now it's even less worth the watch.

I wanna travel. My friend emailed me today and told me he's considering moving to Milan. He's an editor and apparently there is huge amounts of work for him there. He's also originally from there. I thought it was so exciting and now I'm fantasizing a/b being able to visit him, which makes me think I'm in need of some travel experiences. I know that if I book a nice gig I'd get to travel, but who knows when that will happen. 9-5 sucks shit royally, but the only thing that would break me out of this 'habit' is a travelling experience. Not that I'm really looking to forget a/b my 9-5, b/c it's great and it allows me MANY privledges that I know I can't get anywhere else...coupled with the stability, but. Hmmm, I'm in the beginning of thinking mode. Dangerous place for me...ha.

I'm @ a loss.