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Thursday, May. 06, 2004, 10:24 a.m.: busy...

It's been a busy week...good but busy. I had two paying auditions in the past week, both of which I got on my own. I aced both of them...was very proud of my performance and my ability to calm my nerves during the whole process. I figured out the key is to memorize the script so well that I am totally confident performing it. Seems like pretty much common sense, I know but it's easy to over-look. Also considering I never use to memorize my sides for any independant stuff I would go out for. I'm almost ready to do my mail-outs soon. I brought my pics in to be printed out, so once those are done I'm close to being on my way. It's suppose to be one of the best times, late spring, to contact agents so I think my chances are much better now. It's really a/b time I get signed. I'm meeting way too many people who have less talent than I do and have had an agent for a while now. My number has got to be up soon enough. I feel like alot of good things are beginning to head my way. The universe seems to finally be agreeing with me. Let's hope it stays this way.

Today is another busy day. I've got to do some finsihing work on my film. There are some parts of my dialogue that sounds fucked up so I have to replace my voice on it. I'm one of the only actors though who has only a few lines to do. Everybody else has to do much more work, which is awesome news for me. I hate doing adr, you can never get yourself to sound as if you're really in the moment again... it's so fake. I still don't have directions to the place though and it's a/b an hour away. What a piss off...kinda disorganized if you ask me.