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Friday, Apr. 30, 2004, 9:29 a.m.: self-absorbed...

I am so bad @ social gatherings. I come off as this totally self-absorbed person and I guess for the time I am really. I went to a screening of one of my films last night and I brought my boy with me. I didn't even introduce him to my director, and crew, and I was right there talking to her. Fuck, I felt so bad 2hrs later when it hit me and I realized that I had been so rude. I would be so pissed off if someone did that to me!! I have to be more aware a/bt hings like that. I do it to my girlfriends too...it's just so easy to get swept away in all the commotion. I better apologize...fuck! Besides that the films were excellent. They were all independant productions created by students and there was some very impressive work there. The writing was amazing! We've got some really talented people coming out of that school. The actors were great too. I was proud to be a part of their productions.

Okay so I'm feeling the summer coming on strong now. It's only a matter of time b/f it's rarring hot and we're all sun tanning on the beach and wearing our sandals and mini skirts out. I think I've cut my Florida trip down to 1 week. It was originally suppose to be 3 wks but I have alot to do, helping out with my film, so I want to be a/r for that. I figure a week is enough time to sort of relax a bit, get a nice tan, and be ready to go again. This will be probably a/r the first week of June. Then in the last weeks of July I'll be spending it in NY with a girlfriend of mine who'll be going to school there. That will be a blast! I'm really looking forward to that trip. This summer is going to be a great one...I can feel it.