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Wednesday, Apr. 28, 2004, 9:57 a.m.: rough one...

Did the gym this morning, like my usual Wednesdays now. I don't mind the whole waking up earlier to get to the gym. As long as it's not a 5.30 wake-up, I can do 6.30...no problem. I still like to switch up my work-outs though. Night sometime, day others...keeps it interesting for me. I had rehearsal last night with my scene partner. We didn't do much work though, it was more of a talking session, which was fine with me. He was drinking as I got there and I could feel that he was a bit 'tipsy'. His lines weren't coming out like usual and he was fumbling words. I asked him if it was easy to drink and run lines, implying that I thought he was drunk. He started telling me that he cannot drink and perform but not to worry b/c he only drank a little bit. I believed him, but he had just come back from a dance class and had that drink so I thought it was probably affecting his body more so than normal. It was funny to watch the night progress b/c it ended up hitting him harder than he expected and I got the feeling that he had smoked a joint too. I can't rehearse with people who are out of their natural element, so I'm glad we got to talking laot instead. Fuck, what would I do if I had a scene partner who was drinking and high all the time. Some people perform like that normally. I think I would throw a fit.

Hot gym guy wasn't there today. It's morning though and he's there @ night usually. I'm not sure if I mentioned but he's definately one of those boys who has the 'essence'. He's the one who was dead stopped and just blatantly staring @ me when I was doing my dead-lifts, with my ass to him. I knew he was watching me b/c I was facing a damn mirror. He's a big guy though...he could do some damage, even more so than psycho boy I bet. He's probably really rough in bed too...not all soft and passionate. Eh, who knows. Wait a minute? I can't have sex anyways, I made a pact to myself so what does it even matter?!! Still though, I bet you he's a rough mofo. Hmmm, shall I find out?