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Monday, Apr. 19, 2004, 11:52 a.m.: new...

I found my new target. I have a new improv class that I now go to on Sunday nights. I was hoping for some fresh blood to keep me entertained but I wasn't holding my breath...until this guy walked into the class. He's young, which is fine for what I will need him for, and hot. Looks like a young Keanu Reeves, but better looking. Turns out the guy almost made the 2000 Olympic team as a sprinter. Yea, he decided to educate us all on his accomplishments. He's very pretty and appears arrogant and well, he probably feels he can be b/c of his looks. Whatever, doesn't faze me b/c I don't give a shit. He's very girly though, much more feminine than most of the guys I'm use to enjoying. So he was checking me out the whole class and I was checking him out too, but keeping my distance. He caught me though as I was leaving, started talking me up a/f class. So yea, I figure he's my new mission. Aside from that, b/c I don't want to really take my attention away from the class exactly, I enjoy this group of people much more than my original group. To be completely honest, I felt that my boy being there was creating a certain tension in the class that I couldn't work with. That coupled with the fact that my fave show QAF starts the new season and fell on the day of my original class, AND the fact that I was also giving up my gym day for it. Fuck that shit...I had to switch!

Anyways, I went and got my navel pierced this weekend. I have my nipple, nose, tongue, but never had my navel. Decided to just add it to the list. My girlfriend went and got her earring holes stretched a bit more. I'm not that into that idea...as much as I love the jewellery she bought for me [she wanted me to get it done too], it would interfere with the whole acting thing.

So Prince concert is on and booked. July 27th I belive it is. Should be fun!! We even got tix in the Platinum section which means I can drink there. I think it's the same for Madonna. I'd better book the dates off my calendar. Okay, done.