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Thursday, Apr. 15, 2004, 1:15 p.m.: off a high...

So, this morning I decided to take off so that I could go to the gym. I didn't want to do another 6.30am work-out and I really wanted to spin, so I opted for a start time @ 9.30am. My girlfriend wanted to work-out b/f she went to work @ 1pm, so she met me on the bikes. Then we went down and did weights for another hour or so. Needless to say I'm totally rejuvinated. I don't know why it's termed 'needless to say', b/c if it's really needless then why are we so set on saying it? Anyways, I forgot my bra @ home so I was left to borrow my girlfriends. She'd bigger than me though so I don't fully fill her bra and it's so padded that I look like I have fake tits. I don't really like wearing these padded bras but it really gives me some upper body porportion, if you know what I'm saying. I've got an ass that's so high you can totally balance a cup on it, but ol' almighty shafted me on the boobs. I think I rant a/b this alot. Mind you, I like my little boobs. They can fit in a wine glass...ha...some guy told me once that that's all you need.

In class last night, I wasn't that impressed with our performance. We did the whole scene, fully through, but the energy wasn't there like it should have been. I felt really uncomfortable in the space, since I hadn't been use to walking a/r and doing shit while I'm talking. I also didn't think I had my lines down perfectly. I mean, my partner could ramble them off so quickly while we rehearsed and I had to

really think a/b what I wanted to say. By next week though, I think we'll be dead on. I just finished lunch so I'm coming off my high now...sucks, I need a coffee.

Tonight I'm meeting a friend to check out this comdey troupe in the city. Then tomorrow I'm going with my boy to see another one. Oh shit, and did I mention that I'm going to see PRINCE too in concert with my boy. How fucking cool is that?! Madonna one week and then Prince the next. It's the last time they say Prince will tour and it may be the last time Madonna does too. Although knowing her she'll keep going till she's fucking in her 80's...as long as she's still alive. Hmm, I sense a cosmic sort of thing going on here with these two. Cream, baby, get on top...love it! I kinda have the urge to check out Britney live in concert. I guess with her new reality show though that will possibly be on soon I can just check it out there instead.