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Wednesday, Apr. 14, 2004, 9:41 a.m.: let's see...

Let's see if I can post this link here: http://www.illwillpress.com/fatkins.html Now, if you can't directly link it from here, which by my past attempts @ this kinda shit is more plausible than not, then just copy and paste it and view it for yourself. These are the funniest cartoons I've ever come across and I just can't get enough of this little fucking squirrel!! Some morning humour for you.

So, I went to practise my scene last night with my partner from class. First off, I got lost and ended up driving a/r for half and hour, just to realize that I should have continued on the hwy and not gotten off it. Yea, so I was late getting to the guys place. Whatever though, he's awesome and he just laughed @ my sorry ass and we got on with our rehearsal. I met his friend who was there with him that night, turned out to be the actor who play 'Simba' in the Lion King. Hot as hell but heavy duty flaming, which still didn't contain my obvious attraction. I was blushing and giggling everytime he spoke to me and I just kept starring @ him b/c I couldn't wrap my head a/r how gorgeous [and gay] he was. Actually pretty is a better word to be using here...no, he was fucking beautiful. Anyways, our scene is coming along well. I have this huge paragraph though that I always seem to get stuck on. It's me explaining all the perks @ my job, but the benefits are just randomly scattered throughout with no real beginning or end, so it's tougher to allow it to flow out of me. I may end up just leaving some of it out.

I'm hating deodorant stains. If there's one thing that bothers me a/b summer it's the white flaky shit that ends up on my clothes. I refuse to wear the invisible stuff b/c I don't think it works @ all. Or the natural stone stuff, that you can buy @ health food stores...that shit especially DOES NOT work. I guess I'm stuck with the stuff with the aluminum shavings in it...only thing I can count on.

Can I tell you that I'm feeling the after effects of my leg workout from Monday. See when I was doing it I felt tight but I wasn't sure if I'd get the whole muscle tearing painful feeling. Sure enough though, today I feel the pain. It's a bit sick that I crave this feeling. If I don't feel it I assume I never did anything productive and that's not really the case. Someone told me that the pain doesn't always mean that I've worked. I guess I'll get to a point where my body will adapt to it and in that case I'm just toning. I should double check with someone a/b that though. Actually I've been seeing alot of posters advertising the courses I want to take for spin classes or aerobics, or boxing classes. I should really look into getting certified so that I can learn more and teach this shit for pay. So many things I want to do.

Okay let's see if that link worked now.