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Friday, Apr. 02, 2004, 9:22 a.m.: festivities...

The film festival party turned out to be better than I expected. I opted for my boy to come with me. He's much better @ meeting people and doing the whole 'biz' thing. Collectively, we now more people that we can introduce to each other too...which is another bonus. Most of all, I feel very comforatble with him and he's a lot of support for me. I wished I could have walked a/r and mingled more with him though, but the director from my film was there and I sort of felt obligated to hang a/r with him. I mean, I WAS there b/c of that movie. There was free alcohol so as soon as I got in I started on the red wine. The publicist was there too and she got us an interview. My first interview and I was tipsy. Oh well. When she asked me a/b my character in the film, I think I made some reference to the fact that I [or my character] carried the movie. I didn't use those words exactly b/c that's not what I really meant. I meant to say that..oh I remember now! I said that she 'drives' the movie, b/c I believed I was the only one that sensed something going on right from the beginning. The camera guy caught up with me later and seemed amused @ my comments and with me in general. Anyways, next time I shouldn't drink so fast. The fact that I had just come from the gym too made it effect me faster. I hardly ate anything substantial. A power bar and some vegetables isn't enough to coat your stomach and soak all that shit up.

The gym though was pretty amazing last night. We bump into this guy usually, he's a friend of my girlfriend's. He took the time yesterday to help us out with our form and shit last night. He was teaching me how to hold my arms properly to mazimize my muscle use. @ one point he held my arms while I did my tricep overhead pull downs with the free weight. It helps that he's hot, but to have him standing infront of me while my legs are spread, and he's holding my arms still as I'm doing the exercise, and his cock is right in my face. Well, it took all my left over concentration to not let myself wander into sexual territory. It's bad enough that working out is equivalent to having sex for me, but now this guy touching me and shit during it...fuck. We're going back tonight to do shoulders and back. It feels so good to be working out like this. I love it!

<3 ~C~ xXx