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Monday, Apr. 05, 2004, 10:32 a.m.: let's improvise...

Yea, a little tired today. Yesterday I was flying, b/c I had only gotten 6hrs sleep that morning. Then I go and sleep in till 7.30 this morning and fuck everything up. I know I needed the sleep but I feel like I've been hibernating for days. This feeling really throws me off. Saturday night the girls and I all went out dancing. It was fucking amazing!! I had so much energy, I don't know where it was all coming from. I also had this chick hitting on me the whole night. Actually I had alot of them hitting on me, but one in particular who I loved. The hot bouncer wasn't there that night, which kinda sucked, but this chick made up for it.

Sunday I had some last shots to film for the last short I was working on. I was left so confused a/b the cutie DOP. I assumed he was gay b/c of some of the comments he made a/b the guys on set, but then yesterday he went and threw me a total curve ball. Started making reference to women and what they do to him. He was joking a/r with the other guys as if he was straight. Which was great news for me b/c someone like that should not be wasted on boys...sorry but it's the truth. I just don't come equipt with the certain apendage that he would need, if that was the case! We did alot of work on the bed. Scenes with me and the lead guy, who is also pretty fucking hot. Too many boys a/r me, if we were partying I would be in serious trouble. I also had to do my infamous bound scene, where I'm hog tied and left on the floor. My just desserts for the way I treated the boys. I hope we have a wrap party for this one...it's one I certainly would not like to miss.

I start my improv classes tonight. I'm a bit nervous a/b it, as I am for any new class. I have never really done any improv training. I'm not exactly sure what to expect from this. I heard that we have a/b 11 people already in the class, which I think is a bit big for a class but. I just hope it's fun and beneficial for me.

<3 ~CaT~ xXx