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Friday, Mar. 26, 2004, 9:52 a.m.: certain something...

I had my photo shoot yesterday for my new head-shots. Did I mention b/f how much I loved this photographer?! He's so passionate a/b what he does and he really knows how to get you into your moments when he takes the picture. I got to his studio @ 2pm and I didn't get out until 6pm. He shot 2 extra rolls of film with me [@ no extra charge] and I had 8 outfit changes, 3 hair changes, and 2 make-up changes. It was so much fun!!!!! In a week, he's going to courrier the shots to me and I'll get them in little 5x11 pics. He told me that I had that special something, where the camera loves me and vica versa. He also commented on how natural I was, in front of the camera, and how it never looked like I was forcing a pose or a feeling or a look. I'm forever going to go back to him. His make-up artist was amazing too. She did my make-up like no other has ever done. I was so fucking impressed with her! Once I get my shots back, he told me to look them over for a few days and then to go back to see him. We're going to pick which shots are best to send out to agents and he's going to give me a list of some agencies I should look into too. His wife is an actor too and she's repped by the biggest agency in the city. He gave me this huge inspiational talk a/b how versatile he thought I was, b/c I could look edgy and then I could look very innocent and vulnerable too. He told me to use that to my advantage and to never take it for granted b/c it can really get me places faster. It was an awesome experience.

My calves are fucking still killing me today. It's been since Monday night and they still haven't healed. They are so fucked! I can't walk flat footed with my legs straight, it's literally impossible for me. The shit thing a/b it, really, is that I'm shooting tonight and I have to walk a/r barefooted. I'm going to have to pop some muscle relaxants to loosen the tightness up. I can't eat dinner either tonight b/c I'm suppose to be a starving artist who has to appear disheveled and wired. So for that, I'm going to drink a shit load of coffee too. I'm going to be so fucked this weekend. I have an audition scheduled for this Sunday too and I think I'm probably going to be a bit fucked for it. Considering each night we're suppose to be shooting until 3am, earliest. I have a feeling Saturday night I wont be sleeping well @ all.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx