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Monday, Mar. 29, 2004, 9:07 a.m.: holy fucking tired...

Exhausting weekend, it was. I shot the short I had been talking a/b and it was not scheduled well @ all. I mean, they had their shit together as far as crew and food and costumes and set, but the director worked w/o real consieration for the actors. I don't mean that in a resentful way @ all though. I mean, he was a creative genius...the story just kept pouring out of his head as the night went on. We just had too little time to pull off the whole thing, so I was there for literally 10hrs straight each night. In heels nonetheless. Saturday night [or Sunday morning] I managed to convince everyone that it was the 'spring an hour ahead' day. I actually believed it was though, and we managed to get out of there @ 5am...which was 6am to them [me]. I went on believing this whole jump ahead thing, that day, until I was on my way to an audition and someone informed me that it was really only 12.30pm...NOT 1.30 like I thought. We're still not fully finished filming so I'll have to go back to re-shoot some final stuff. I was so tired when I was wrapped that I didn't even say bye to anyone, except for the director, the HOT camera man [who was gay] and the producer [my knight in shinning armor]. He said that he picked me from the moment I walked through the door @ the auditions and he held to it. He told me that the director kept going off on tangents while he was auditioning other chicks and A [the producer] just kept shaking his head 'no' to him. I love it when shit like that happens. It was still a pretty amazing weekedn shoot though. All these coincidences just kept popping up everywhere, from the lighting to shadows that were made accidentely. The moon was in his favor as far as that shit went...very artistc piece he's going to end up with. All the imagery he managed to score was great.

I didn't get a chance to work-out @ all though. Yesterday I grabbed some free weights and did my shoulders as I was watching t.v. Tonight I have to go and do legs all by myself. My gym partner wont be able to make it with me. I have the work-out sheet that I can follow, but some of the exercises I'm not too familiar with. Like what the hell is a 'step up'?? Oh, and yesterday I also killed my abs. I got my little sister to help me out. She stood above my head and I held onto her legs and everytime I lifted my legs up she'd throw them back down. It's a great ab work-out and if you shift from side to side, you can really get in and work your obliques.

Oh shit! I got my Madonna tickets!! My girlfriend went on-line @ 10am for me and scored me some pretty good seats. The whole thing was sold out in 12 mins, so we got lucky. I'm going to be spending $160.00 on them but for her, I was willing to spend up to $300...the highest priced tix. It will be my first and probably last time seeing her live in concert...or @ least doing a huge show like this.

I think I pissed off some clients this morning. I was here @ 8.30am, like usual, but the office doesn't open until 9am. I just come in to get things started so that we're ready to run @ 9am on the dot. So this ocuple walks in and tells me that they need to switch over their insurance. Firstly, I'm not the one they can talk to to do that and second the office isn't really open. So I tell them that the office really opens @ 9am and that nobody will be here to help them until then. They appreared to not be totally bothered and said that they'd be back and I mentioned that there were many coffee shops down the street. The husband looked a bit strained while the wife tried to cover up and then he slammed the door on the way out. They never came back. What the fuck is up with these people who jsut drop in w/o appointments and EXPECT to be served right there on the spot. This is not a drive-thru restaurant and who opens b/f 9am anyways!!! Now that I think a/b it, I wonder sometimes if people from the company get sent out to see how we work and react to clients, or potential clients. I guess my paranoia is not strong enough though to change my behavior. Oh well.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx