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Friday, Mar. 19, 2004, 9:37 a.m.: got it...

My doctor left me a message on my parents home line, asking me to call her. I had my blood work/pap done a/b 2 weeks ago and so I was a little freaked out a/b what she could be calling a/b. Turns out I have an elevate level of SGT, whatever the fuck that is. The damn secretary couldn't even tell me!! She asked me if I had been working out or taking any kind of medications b/f getting my blood taken, which I had not. So I'm going to go and ask my doc specifically what it is that this 'SGT' is, or does. You'd think someone delivering the message would have some more insight for me?!

I went for the call-back, for that part that I wanted so badly, and I got it. I got a call a couple hours a/f my audition with the lead actor and he told me that the part is mine if I want it. He said that as soon as he met me he knew I was the girl, but he just wanted to make sure our chemistry meshed well together. He also noted that I gave him alot more insight into his story than he anticipated and b/c of that he added more to it. I thought that was pretty cool...the fact that I gave him inspiration, as I was dissecting the story for him, when we first met. This Saturday we're going to get together for our first real rehearsal. Should be interesting.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx