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Monday, Mar. 22, 2004, 10:40 a.m.: ready for the week...

So, I had a little bit of a stress factor over the weekend. Friday I found out I had some whacked elevated levels of some enzyme in my blood that could mean I had a serious liver dysfunction. Needless to say, I was fucking stressing out!! I did a shit load of reserach on the specific enzyme[s] and it turns out that torn muscle tissue can also elevate these enzymes too. My doc recommended that I re-do my blood work and specifically test to see if that is what it was. I didn't work out all weekend, so that none of my muscles were strained or sore and I went in this morning for my bloodwork. All weekend I was praying and then imagining what it would be like to find out I had some terminal illness. It was not a very fun weekend. I was stressing so much that by Sunday I was ready to fall over from exhaustion. Today however, I feel much better.

I did no partying this weekend @ all though. I rehearsed Saturday night, for almost 6 hrs with my new cast. I'm the only female in a cast of all boys so it was...fun. Plus, all the boys are pretty much my slaves in the film so it works out well to my advantage. Keeps me in character longer...haha. I like to stay in character when I'm working on something b/c it's much easier to go with the flow that way. I look like a freak to everyone else a/r me b/c they never see my 'true self' but whatever. It takes so many layers to strip to actually reveal my whole true self anyways so it's cool. It's all some part of me. It ends up being funny though when I show up @ the cast party and I'm a totally different person...it's like I'm being introduced all over again. I so get a kick out of this shit.

Sunday I met up with the director for the comic book film I'm doing. We went and shot some test footage with me in costume. It was cool b/c I got to choose a weapon to use and I picked sais...conveniently enough he had some, so I got to work with them all day long. Taking pics with them and shit. The only bad thing was that I was so tired that day that I had to pull from my energy reserve or something. I really don't know how I managed to keep sane and working for 3 hrs with him. He also talked way to much and I just wanted to shut him up but I was forced to listen and pretend I was taking it all in. By the end of it I was passing out in the car. I just went home a/f and chilled out, watched 'There's no Business like Show Business' with my sister and ate dinner. I do feel well rested today...and well, ready for the week I guess.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx