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Thursday, Mar. 11, 2004, 11:36 a.m.: viles...

I got a part yesterday for this film where I play an evil ninja warrior. I went to meet with the director and he gave me the part on the spot. The story and characters are based on a comic book that he's been writing for the last 2 years. He also wants to make half hour shorts, on each character, that he can play in the background @ his comic book conventions. My character is cute, she's the comic relief...the die hard, willing to do anything to get ahead. She's strong but is more interested in pleasing others than perfecting her skills and b/c of that she fucks up alot. It should be a fun one to play.

I got my blood work done this morning. @ 8am I waited and then had 7 viles [sp] removed. I watched it too. It's strange to see a needle poking out of your vein and then to watch the blood rushing into the little tube. I love the color of blood! It was funny though b/c I was in this room with a bunch of people and everyone else there must have been 60+. There I was, looking like a kid, getting all this blood extracted from my body. I suppose the older you get the less number of viles you need taken, b/c then they can pin-point your 'illness', instead of just fishing a/r for whatever.

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