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Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2004, 9:13 a.m.: kickbox...

Can we say 'fucking dead'???? Today I can hardly lift my legs to cross them I am so stiff. I went to a kick boxing class with my girlfriend. She got me in for free...she's queen of scamming, that one, I swear. Her membership has been up @ the place since October and she still gets through to take her kick boxing classes. Funny shit. She knows the girl @ the front desk, so she told me to just walk in with her and not say a word, and if she asked my girlfriend would just say I'm with her. So I'm worried, of course, b/c I'm the one who has to pretend I belong to the gym when I've never showed my face there b/f. We walk in and say hi to the front desk chick, then she looks @ me and asks 'do you have your membership'. Fuck! So in my pocket I have this free class card, and I'm a/b to take it out to show her and my girlfriend goes 'she's with me'...signs me in on the sign in sheet...and front desk chick lets us go. She even makes a comment a/b how nice my friend is for signing me in. I'm still not sure if she thought I was a member or if she thought I was a guest?? I suppose I'll find out next week when I walk in there again. The class was a killer though. I don't have boxing gloves, so I had to borrow the ones they had. Luckily I brought some gloves to wear inside the boxing gloves, b/c it was so nasty. I would have gotten some hand disease if I had gone bare handed in those things. Budy kicked our fucking asses. We were doing 30 reps of combos on the bag, for the first 25mins. Then he made us run the stairs, only to bring us back in the gym to do shuffles, back and forth, in a circle for 10mins straight!! And a/f that it was abs and arm work on the floor. I thought I was all strong doing my full push-ups, and then buddy comes over to me and shows me how I'm not suppose to be straightening my arms fully on the way up. That turned the whole exercise into a new burning experience. I did so much ab work yesterday that today I'm actually sore as opposed to just feeling the tingle. It was a great workout...and the best thing a/b it is that the combos force to to concentrate fully on what you're doing. There is absolutely no wandering of my mind, like what sometimes happens to me in a spin class. It was fucking intense! Hmmmm, is 'ab' spelled with 1 or 2 b's??? I feel rejuvenated again today. I got a full 8 hrs sleep, which I think I need a/f my hardcore work-outs. 7 is fine for when I haven't pushed myself to the extreme.

A/f my work-out, I washed up and met another friend for dinner. We had some wine and just relaxed @ one of my favorite restaurants...it was nice. The only thing that pissed us off was that they seem to be cutting back on the portions. Everytime we seem to go back there, it looks like our plates get smaller and smaller. I mean, the food is priced very low but they shouldn't be cutting from their regulars. Not good.

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