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Tuesday, Mar. 09, 2004, 9:20 a.m.: strange places...

I am so fucking tired today. Like I promised myself, I was going to do cardio and then meet my girlfriend back @ the gym later in the night for weights. She was exhausted from her Sunday night and the only reason she made it out was for me, which was cool. I hope she keeps it up. I had alot of energy still when I got back to the gym a/r 8pm. I pushed it through all the exercises, killed myself until 9.30pm. By the end I felt like I was floating a/r the floor area. There were some hotties there last night though. Makes it more fun when I'm bending over, trying to stretch out my hams, and everyone is staring. Hey, it can't ALL be work.

I went home and watched QAF last night. I've really been missing Brain so I got to indulge on him yesterday. God I missed him...what I would do for that man, seriously. Today though I am so bent. I'm thinking that maybe I'm not eating enough fruit. I think I'll take a little trip to the grocery store in a bit and get some nice juicy ruby red grapfruits. The boss man is away until 1pm, so I've got some time to run out quickly. In a sec though.

So much to do, so little time. I keep thinking a/b how much I still have to get together for my agent hunt. I can't believe I'm still looking for an agent!! Tomorrow I'm going to call any remaining agencies that I haven't gotten in touch with yet. I figure I'll call early in the morning and leave a message on some voicemails. I've got a/b 5 left. I met this chick @ my girlfriend's baby shower on Saturday whose husband is good friends with a guy who writes music for one of the more prominent theatre companies in the city. She told me that she'd keep me informed and invite me out with them to some shows. Apparently they throw parties a/f, so she said I could head out with them. You meet people in the strangest places eh?

Anyways, so tonight I'm going to take it easy and just relax. No gym for me...that's for fucking sure. It's Tuesday already, almost the middle of the week. How is time flying by so quickly now? It's really beginning to freak the fuck out of me. How can you slow time down?? I wish I knew.

<3 ~CAT ~ xXx