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Monday, Mar. 08, 2004, 10:04 a.m.: wasted...

Shit... I wasted last night on dinner and a movie. I was all set to go out with big boy. I told him I didn't feel like hanging a/r my area, b/c I didn't really like the bars, so that we could head to the city and fuck like we did last time. Everything was fine until he called me back, an hr passed the time he should have been @ my place, and told me he was running late. Then he asked me if I had eaten already, so I figured he was hungry and I told him I was easy...that we could get food if he wanted to. Then he suggests a movie, so I figure okay maybe he wants to just take it easy tonight. So fine, we do both. He knows I have to get up early the next day, that's why we planned to get together so early on. By the time the movie was done it was 12.30am and I'm like fuck, I have to go home. He acts all surprised like I should want to stay out and I'm thinking...'if we hadn't wasted time on dinner AND a movie, we could be fucking done fucking by now'. I didn't tell him that though, I just remained happy and sweet b/c in all honesty if I don't get fucked by him I will just get it somewhere else. He was upset that I wouldn't stay with him...that I wouldn't even take the time to suck him off in his car. I have a schedule to abide by and I need my sleep so that today I can do all the classes that I want to go to. He's just going to have to deal or fuck off. When I first gave him the 'I have to go home' he had alot of agression that he didn't know how to expel. I was thinking that he was getting a little too angry @ the prospect of my going home and not satisfying his carnal desires. @ that point I knew that even if he tried, he was NOT going to convince me to stay out with him. It's like giving in to a child that has a temper tantrum...fuck that shit!

I was upset that I couldn't go dancing this weekend. We're going to all go out, me and the girls, next though to make up for it. Dancing always makes me the horniest...I can cum dancing. I love it so much. Music is such a pure escape and to get lost in it is just amazing. I really need to get rid of some of this stress that's been building up in me since yesterday. The gym tonight should do it. I'm going to spin then eat and then meet my girlfriend back @ the gym again for our weight session. I'm trying to eat really well b/c I feel sort of tired today [even w/o the vigorous fuck session] and I want to be able to keep up. I don't want to wear myself out, lower my immune system and shit so that I get sick again. It's international women's day today. My boss bought us lunch here to celebrate...sweet eh??

<3 ~CAT~ xXx