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Thursday, Jan. 22, 2004, 11:41 a.m.: tied up...

It's suppose to snow 12cm today, so I decided to post-pone my agent visits till next week. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous considering I live in Canada and we deal with this shit all the time, but... I don't want to have to be trying to get in and out of lots and parking spots if it's snowing. Although, right now it looks decent out and I probably could get away with it. Hmmmm, maybe I'll still go after all...

I feel like yummy BAD food today. I just got paid and I have money in my wallet. Maybe I'll take a drive out to the closest fast food place. Even though my new years resolution tells me that I can't have that shit during the week. See, I have this idea though. I'm going to be shooting a scene this w/e where I'll only be in my bra and I just got weighed yesterday @ the doctor and I can afford to actually eat a bit more than usual. I'd like to make sure that I don't come off as emanciated in my bra on screen. If my boobs puff out of my bra a little more than usual, then that's a good thing...and that happens when I indulge a bit more. There is method in my madness...most of the time.

I have to shoot this audition tape of myself b/f the 25th of February, for this series that will be shooting in Florida. There's two parts I want to try for: One is just of a teenager [I can pull it off, totally] just talking with her friends @ school and the other is of a teenager in a kidnapping scene. For the second one I'm suppose to be bound to a chair with a gag in my mouth. I'm a little weary of actually filming myself like that and sending it to any casting director. However, I have this urge to let 'the boy' tie me up and film me, doing whatever it is he wants to do to me when I'm in that position. Actually he doesn't really need to film me @ all...I just want him to tie me up!!

<3 ~CAT~ xXx