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Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2004, 12:16 p.m.: just do it...

I just submit myself [I love how that sounds!!] to this 'Sex and Realtionship' show, that will be airing on t.v. It's not a paid gig [like most of the shit I have to do] but it's an open discussion on the topic of boys and girls. I'm going in next Thursday for a camera test. I think it'll be fun. Ha, I can probably add it to my resume too.

So, I had a rehearsal yesterday night for this short film I'm doing this coming w/e. It will be my first make-out scene and I especially wanted it b/c of that. I figure I might as well get use to kissing and groping my co-stars as soon as I can. The funny thing a/b this though is that we are making out for the whole thing practically. Could I have picked a better practise vehicel?! I don't think so! Saturday I'm going to go in @ 9am and block through some more of it for a/b 3 hrs b/f we shoot the thing. That means I will be on set making out with this guy for almost 11 hrs straight...and that's only the first day of shooting. Again I ask, could I have picked a better one?! The guy asked if I thought we should practise b/f Saturday and I was like...'aha, no...I think 3 hrs [b/f shooting] will be just fine.' How fucking awkward would that have been for us to be practising making out?! We might as well just fuck and get it over with!! Funny shit eh?

I'm feeling better today. I managed to get a good sleep last night and make up for my crazy Monday night insomnia. Tonight I just want to go to the gym and work some of my remaining tension. I sometimes wish I could live @ the gym...not very practical though, I guess. Either that or I wish I could fuck all the time...pausing sporatically to eat, maybe read a book or something. That would be okay too.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx