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Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2004, 9:07 a.m.: taxing ...

Riddle me this Batman: How the fuck do I manage to always pick these fucking disturbed people? It could say something a/b me...maybe? My girlfriend did my astrological chart for me and in matters of personal relationships, it said that I attract odd types...they're drawn to me. The ones who have no pattern or set standard to go by. Fuck, isn't that the truth?!

I got a/b 5 hrs sleep, only, last night. My head was racing, my heart was beating @ killer speeds. The adrenaline was just pumping like crazy. The gym took off some of the edge for me but I was literally flying last night. My appetite has sort of left me too. I have to force myself to eat just for the sake of eating b/c I know that my lack of hunger pains is an illusion. I hope I figure out how to deal with myself soon. This can be very taxing on the system.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx