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Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2003, 9:25 a.m.: the eve...

Okay, weird ass dream last night!!! There was this serial killer that was stalking and killing everyone of my friend's, one by one. Nobody knew who was going to be next so we were all constantly fearing for our lives. There was a scene when some guy came into my room, which happened to be a hotel room [?] and we started fucking a/r and I kept getting this feeling that he was going to kill me. It was just this nagging in my gut. Finally it got to the point where I started telling everyone that I had this really bad feeling a/b the day and that I was scared. No one took me that seriously though and I found myself completely paronoid and suspicious of everyone and everywhere I went. My dream ended with me in a hallway with a bunch of people and thinking that I was safe and then I heard a knock on a door. There was a stairway in the corner of the hallway that lead up to a door and I told them not to open it, but the voice of a child came through asking for help. So of course, the door opens and some psycho with a knife comes through the door and everyone starts running. I'm the only one that didn't run with the crowd and sure enough he comes a/f me. I woke up @ that point. I don't really know what it may mean...I know what it could mean but then I've got a/b 3-6 different things I could relate it too. Damn creative, over-active imagination!!

I still don't have finalized plans for tonight as far as New Years goes. I've been invited to a 'VIP' party @ this club, but I don't know anyone there except for my girlfriend. Everyone I know right now has a boyfriend/ girlfriend, wife or husband...it sucks for me. I could go to this house party but again I don't really know alot of the people there and I was figuring that if it gets boring @ least @ the club I can dance to make up for it. The club costs though and I don't have the cash to be spending, on top of tickets, for alcohol, cabs, etc. See the thing with the club too is that the people aren't really my...'cup of tea', if you know what I mean. Do I really want to risk being all by myself with a shit load of people who sort of piss me off? Or, do I just go with the flow and make the best out of it? Is New Years really that big of a deal anyways?? @ least I get tomorrow off...I can go to the gym in the morning if I'm not too hung over. That will be good. Well, I'll see what I decide to do soo enough. Happy Fucking New Year!!

<3 ~CAT~ xXx