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Monday, Nov. 24, 2003, 9:59 a.m.: the run down...

Holy waste my fucking time on Friday!!! Serioulsy, I went to the big 'agent's b-day' get-together and as soon as I saw my friend's agent, I didn't like him. First off he looked familiar but I couldn't pin where I had seen him...mind you, I had dropped off my stuff to the agencies office. The only guy I remember thought was the front desk guy and that couldn't possibly be who his agent was?! So, I had bad vibes already and didn't even want to go up to the guy to introduce myself. Was I a bit shy? Maybe, and call it what you like but I'd call it intuition. B/f I left I was introduced to this 'wonder agent' and while he practically blew off my friend [who is apparently good friend's with him] he barely acknowledged ME. I wished him Happy B-day, to be polite and watched as the rude mother-fucker seemed more concerned with drinking his fruitty martini and not spilling it on his cheap dress jacket [that he wore with ugly jeans], than on saying hello to a fellow human being, politely. Good ridance, b/c this prick is NOT who I would want as my representation!! Please. I heard later on that he is bottom of the barrel @ the agency and he even works the fron desk [which is where I recognized him from]. Waste.

Saturday was sort of a waste too as I was cast in a pilot on short notice. I got the script and saw that I had a few 'monologues' to say in the dialogue. I had no time to memorize b/c I went to that stupid party, but I knew I could wing it anyways. It's fairly easy to memorize lines especially since we always shoot in incriments. I got a ride with two of the other cast members, which was cool b/c I got to sort of bond with them b/f going on set. They proved to be pretty good actors too, which was a blessing.

Yesterday was the best day of my w/e. I got to go shopping for my wardrobe for the Vampire flick. I got to try on some beautiful stuff. My only concern ts that the choices of wardrobe may make me appear to be more trashy that seductively alluring. I mean, with some of the stuff I would have picked differently but it's theire film and I'm just the actor. There's a great dress though that I so want to keep, once we're done with shooting, so I hope we can work something out there. It's really fucking adorable.

Love, CAT xXx