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Friday, Nov. 21, 2003, 8:49 a.m.: comes together...

I don't know what the fuck is up, but the man must have some kind of telepathic powers or something. The boy seems to ease my hate and anger @ just the right times. I have not a fucking clue how this shit happens but it's gotta be some psychic phenomena. It's as if we're so connected that he knows or feels my being and then says the right words @ the perfect moments. Or, being the sensitive mother-fucker that he is, he can sense any change in my core. I cannot stress enough though how he pulled me into him yesterday. It was fucked up!

I have some 'sort of' good news a/b an agency I sent out my shit to. They're one of the biggest in the city and the chick told me to call her back, the other day, so I did. Well, yesterday she tells me that the only problem with me right now is that I conflict with another girl on her roster. Upsetting for me, yes...but she then told me to come in and pick my stuff up from her and we could sit down and talk. My only positive feed-back was from one of the most recognized agencies in the city!!! I mean, that's pretty exciting shit. So I'm hoping that when I go in there she realizes that I look different from the other chick and she signs me. Ultimately that would be great but it's stretching a bit...just a bit. Either way, it's a better response than I've gotten from anyone so far. Yesterday was a great day, taking everything that happened into consideration. Wish me luck boys and girls...with all of it.

Love, CAT xXx