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Monday, Nov. 17, 2003, 11:38 a.m.: alot of this and that...

I'm so happy that he got the part!! Yup, he's playing my bro in the Vampire film. I really have to stop this dependancy on him though. As soon as I found out that he was going to be my co-star I completely threw all caution to the wind b/c I knew he was going to be on set with me. No matter how revelaing I got with my outfits, or suggestive with my comments, he would be there to sort of watch over me. I guess I got a little too excited. Anyways, the script isn't that great but it'll still be fun to go through the motions with him.

Saturday, I made it to a call-back for a film that will be shot partly in Japan. It's a Feature and it would be great for the resume. It was like 4 hrs long, so I hope I get the damn thing. The boy was there and while we were a tad @ each other's throats...it was great having him there with me too.

Other than that I saw alot of fucked up movies this w/e. Some being more psychologically disturbing than others. Like 'Spider' for example, the movie began on a slow note but got really bothersome as the story progressed. By the end you were creeped out a/b the whole damn situation and it was funny b/c of how slow the thing was. Not one of his better pictures though. I also saw '28 Days' which was exciting as hell and not as scary as I had thought it was going to be. It pretty much kept me enthralled the whole way through and that's what I like. Keeping me on the edge until the end...love it!!

You know, I realize that all I talk a/b is this whole film biz now. The boy made a similar comment the other night to me, a/b how engulfed he's become with the whole thing. How the guy he use to know has just disapeared into the background...and I agreed, but I never said anything. I just sort of sat there thinking a/b how much I felt the same way and I wanted to tell him that I hoped the old boy would come back and visit, @ least me, but I didn't say a word. I think it's b/c I know that the 'old boy' will one day be back for me and the old me will be there to meet him. Or fuck, maybe my creative mind may be getting the best of me once again.

Love, CAT xXx