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Monday, Oct. 27, 2003, 10:03 a.m.: tired...

FUCK!!! What a weekend. I filmed pretty much the whole time. Friday was a complete blow off b/c I was suppose to start shooting @ 12.30am but didn't get started till 6.30AM!!!! How fucking mad was I...and when I say mad I mean like, literally delirious. My whole Saturday was screwed b/c I felt like I missed a day or something. Then I was set to go back @ 6pm. That shoot took a nice 6hrs and I was done in time to get a good enough rest for Sunday. But then, they threw me another curve ball...had me on set Sunday @ 3pm and done by 4am this morning. Fucking tyrants!!!! Actually, it was much easier to get going this morning than it was on Saturday. I think another thing that kept me rushing was the fact that I had an audition with an agent of Sunday too. Not a top agent or anything, but she's been in the biz for a while...worked with some top agents herself and is now starting her own. She seemed really nice, but I'm not sure how much pull she's got within the industry...which is what I'm interested in. I still have to do my remaining package drop offs this coming Wednesday too. I never got to it on Friday, like I was suppose to. I ended up sleep @ a girlfriend's place and kinda getting side tracked. Number one reason I like to do shit on my OWN and NOT with anybody else!!! Okay, I did feel like shit too. The pressure system was getting to me and I was getting the beginning of a migraine...so, you know how that is. Fucking brutal!!! We managed to figure out our costumes for Hallowe'en though. We're going as Velma and Roxie from Chicago, 'the boy' is going to be Richard Gere...our [or rather MY] slimmy lawyer. It's going to look good! So, I did my lesbian scene yesterday on set. It wasn't crazy or anything...we were both in our bras and we didn't even have to kiss. Pathetic! Mind you, she was sick as a dog and I was NOT going to put my lips near that illness infested mouth. I want to try to stay healthy as long as possible. Suprising the fuck out of me b/c with this messed up weather I should be dying right now...knock on wood! Shit, I'm tired.

Love, CAT xXx