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Wednesday, Oct. 08, 2003, 10:03 a.m.: freak...

You should see the amazing top I'm wearing today!! It's fucking gorgeous. I bought it a while ago and have never worn it yet. It's a tank but it's got a beautiful crochet [sp] star designed into it, almost in a v-neck type style. It's black and it looks killer with the black skirt I paired it with. Black is my favorite option when it comes to dressing. It's so dark.. so classy and mysterious. It reminds me of a sillouette or a shadow of some sort. I try to keep with the essence of an animation figure or super hero. When someone tells me I look like an anime character...I know I've done my job well.

So, I was on set last night and one of the guys [whose making his own film] thought I would be great as the lead in it. She's a super-hero assasin/body guard. His idea was hilarious...I was killing myself laughing, but if done properly it would look killer and could actually be pulled off as serious. He's gay too so it makes it so much more comfortable. I love it when gay boys want you to work on their stuff. It's much more fun too!!! Hmmm, am I a gay boy trapped in a chicks body?? Maybe! HaHa... it would explain my pre-occupation with pretty boys and girls. Yes, I'm going off now.

Okay, I'm bored now. I need to find something to do. Like work maybe...fuck! That's right, I am @ my 'place of employment'.

Love, CAT xXx