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Tuesday, Oct. 07, 2003, 9:02 a.m.: superficial...

You know, I realize that alot of what I write here in this journal is very superficial. There was a time when I use to be open a/b some of my inner-most feelings and thoughts on diaryland. For some reason though, I get this sense that what I say here is not as private as I would like to think it is, and so I have reserved certain things for my actual written journal. This is not even half of who I am and I prefer it that way. Well I guess that's a fairly revealing comment, now isn't it?! Certain layers should be saved for certain people...that's the way I see it. Now, back to the superficial shit!!

I went to the mall last night with my girlfriend and did a little shopping. I managed to get 5 things for the price that one pair of jeans would have cost me on Friday [if had bought them]. Fucking bonus yesterday was!! Then she took me into her usual store where I NEVER shop, but everytime I go in there with her I seem to find a skirt that I really like. Watch, in a few months they'll be selling the skirts for next to nothing, b/c nobody who shops there would ever wear the thing. So I pretty much have my winter wardrobe now...almost.

I have to miss my acting class tonight b/c I'm filming again. Kinda pisses me off since I've really been looking forward to this class. The good thing is that I get my 2 gym classes in b/f the shoot, which will be very cool. Tonight is a spin and then and abs and arms class a/f. If it's the same chick that always does Tuesday's she's going to kill my arms and that's what I'm hoping for. I want to know that my muscles have been torn and that they're in need of repairing...'cause then they'll grow and tone and that's what I want. I may have to switch up my gym routine a bit though. I need to incorporate some more lifting for my arms and legs so that I tone my muscles more. I hear tomorrow will be a gorgeous 24 degrees here. Can't wait for that beautiful sun to be burning down on me again!

Love, CAT xXx