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Thursday, Sept. 25, 2003, 9:26 a.m.: the plan...

Children...that's all I have to say a/b my experience last night. I'm fucking surrounded by them!! It's funny how I'M called over-emotional and the irony of the situation is that I'm actually much more together than I appear to be. Maybe it's b/c I allow my craziness to be released instead of trying to contain it. Whatever it is, it's good...but fuck, immature children is what I get in return to deal with. Do I seek them out?? Do I need them b/c then I can control that way...maybe? Fuck it though! All I want to worry a/b is how I can get the fuck to LA properly. Tonight I'm going to a seminar that talks a/b getting your papers to go down there...or up there... whatever. Aside from the annoying behavior I had to witness last night I had a beautiful experience with my acting coach. I went to check out another one of his classes and to basiclly just say hi. It's very cool b/c we connect on this level that sometimes the rest of his class cannot relate too. We really get along well...he reminds me of my little sister in some ways. He's so amazing to watch too!! I'm starting up classes with him again on the 7th of October. He's sent off much of Canada's talent to LA and they are well known stars now. I'm going to be added to that list now.

Yuck, my coffee tastes like shit today. I think it's the new whitener we're using...it's making me want to puke. I think on cup will do it for today! Oh, I went yesterday to pick up my new head-shots and they fuckng spelled my name wrong on them. The pics themselves turned out really great, but I had to leave them there so they could correct the mistake. So, I'm very very close now to having my stuff ready to do my agent mail-out. I'd say by the first week of October everything will be prepared. I'm going to do drop off's @ the agent's offices...walk right in and drop my stuff off, in person. That's my plan!!

Love, CAT xXx