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Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003, 9:13 a.m.: fuck me...

I fell in love yesterday with my spinning instructor. When I first got to the room [where we spin] I had to wait outside b/c another class was using the studio. I noticed this chick standing, waiting for the class I was a/b to take. I hadn't ever seen her b/f, and she smiled @ me. I thought that was decent since I'm usually always the one to smile @ everyone...even to those who might as well be dead instead of upright walking. Fucking corpses!! So, I proceeded to stretch out my hamstrings b/c they were [and still are] fucking killing me from Monday's class. So, I'm bending over to get a really good stretch in and b/c I'm a dancer I can do this very well...my ass all up in the air and shit. I notice that she's watching me and smiling more, but @ this point I just decided to ignore everyone a/r me. One thing I did notice a/b her though was that she had awesome legs and they reminded me of mine...strong but not too muscular. Finally the door opens for us to get into the class and I jump on my bike. Doesn't it turn out that the chick who's been staring @ me the whole time is our instructor...yea, bet you never would've guessed that one!! Anyways, we start the work-out and she's wearing this t-shirt over her biking shorts. As the work-out progresses she takes the shirt off and is wearing a tank top. Fuck!! This girl had the most perfect body I've ever seen in my life. Beautifully built...upper and lower body, in perfect perportions [as far as I'm concerned]. She had a perfect ass, perfect tits, strong arms and shoulders...I couldn't stop watching her. I mean, if she had asked me to fuck her right there and then...I would have! Then @ one point she comes over to check everyone on their bikes and she comes up to me and grabs my hips and pulls me farther back over the seat, while we're doing this standing climb...it makes you work you hams and ass more. I think she just wanted to touch me, 'cause she didn't touch anyone else and I'm fucking pro spinner in comparison...but that's just my conceit talking...hehe. I loved her though!! I hope she's there more often.

I also went to an audition last night where the chick found my resume and called me up to come meet her. I think I pretty much have the part...that's what it seemed like, but again you never know. There could have been something she didn't like. The awesome thing a/b this one is that she's shooting it on film [like 16mm or something] and not the typical DV that most people are using here. Apparently film makes you look fabulous, so if I look good on DV then I can imagine how I'll turn up on film. The most important aspect re that though is that when I put clips of it on my reel it will be much more respected by agents, or casting directors.

For a split second this morning I thought I might be pregnant. I felt like I was going to puke but then I got into the bath and my tummy calmed down. I think I was just hungry, not much food left in there from yesterday. The strangest thing though is that it wouldn't bother me if I had that boy's baby growing inside me... but, let's not go there right now.

Love, CAT xXx