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Friday, Sept. 26, 2003, 9:41 a.m.: alot to do...

Okay, so I went to the seminar last night where I found out how I can work in LA...or @ least audition to get work in LA. It's alot of head-ache to take care of though. They had, on the panel, and immigration lawyer and this actor who is living in LA right now, but travelling back and forth to Toronto. Bottom line is that I have to have a manager in LA...no question. There is no use going down there b/c you will never get into a legit casting session w/o one. Test number one to surpass. It's better to actually go and meet with managers personally b/f you even bother heading down. So I have to hope for a manager to want to meet with me when I send out my resume to them from here. It's kinda a long shot, considering I'm not even repped by anyone here. It's much easier if you know somebody who can get you in to a manager's office in the first place. I have alot of work to do here and it starts now. My first step, other than getting my agent, here that is, is to get myself a web-site so that I can show the work I'm doing and have done over the past months. Self-promotion baby!!! You know, I could have been doing this and had it done already...I've been thinking a/b it for a long time now. I guess this means now I've gotta get it going. I'm writing my list right now. This w/e is going to be 'serious meeting' with the boy...we have alot to discuss.

Love, CAT xXx