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Monday, Sept. 22, 2003, 9:37 a.m.: everything...

The weekend was definately a strange one. For starters, Friday night I went to this bar with a girlfriend of mine. It started out alright...we even met a couple guys who seemed pretty cool [to talk to that is]. I mean, just 'cause I talk to you doesn't mean I want to fuck your brains out!! I tried to leave this one guy and it turned out he was practicaly a stalker. He wouldn't leave me alone for the rest of the night...and he NEVER got the hint. I was facing him with my back, totally ignoring him, and he just kept hanging a/r. It was a sad sight...let me tell you.

Saturday was the most fucked up day I'd experienced in a long time. It started out wrong right from my morning trip to the gym. I was trying all day long to get somewhere and it felt like I was being stopped or held back. Even being out with the 'boy' felt strange. I don't know how to describe it other than to say that the universe was out of whack and it was directly effecting me and those a/r me. I almost wanted to run away and hide b/c of how fucked I was feeling. I stuck it out though and we saw 'Underworld' which kicked fucking ass, as far as I was concerned. Mind you, I'm bias b/c I LOVE vampires, but I loved the ambience of the movie and the plot wasn't bad either. It was entertaining!! Fucking Scott Speedman is a hottie too.

Last night I went to see my girlfriend who was displaying her accessories @ a show. She makes the coolest watches, earing, braclets, etc, you've ever seen!! I bought 2 watches off her, along with leather necklace straps with little leather flowers on them. I got everything half price, so I figured why not buy 2+. Killer shit, and it's all custom made...so I'm going to get it off her this Saturday @ the final wrap party. Oh, and I scored some awesome jeans and this nice wrap sweater from another label there. All in all it was a great day/night. We all went out for sushi a/f and then chilled @ her place for a bit. You know, I'd love to open a store like that with custom made fashion and accessories. It would be amazing!!! Set it up in LA or something and then still pursue my acting. Fuck I want to do everything!!!!

Love, CAT xXx