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Friday, Sept. 19, 2003, 8:45 a.m.: skipped...

I went to see Sam Roberts last night. This band called Guster opened for him and they were fucking fantastic!!! I couldn't believe what they did to an audience that didn't even know who they were. It was the most beautiful thing. By the end of their set everyone was screaming for them. Their drumer was the gimmicky one of the group...he played his drums with his hands for most of the set, moving over to the more conventional way @ some points. He was the first thing we noticed when we saw them play...and he was what everyone was talking a/b. I went and bought their c.d. in the 'jam van', a/f the show, and the chick in there was saying that everyone that came by kept talking a/b him. Smart group of boys. Sam Roberts was pretty amazing himself but his sound couldn't compare to Guster. What Sam Roberts had over Guster was that he loved his audience so much that you could feel it and you could see that love being returned to him...THAT was what made his performance brilliant.

We're getting the remnants of hurricane Isabel today. It's dark as night out and the rain is pouring down, hard. I almost twisted my ankle trying to get into work this morning though. I was attempting to quickly run in, to get away from the water splashing down on me, and I had two bags and my food in my hands...suddenly oopps, fucking ankle twists over. I'm lucky that I have loose ankles cause if they were any tighter that move would have snapped it. I've been noticing that the water here is severely drying out my hands. It's well water and we're not suppose to drink it [which I don't] but washing with it apparently is terrible for you. It must be 'hard' water...not the good stuff. No, seriously there is a difference! I learned it first in hair school and then when my girlfriend came back from Ireland she was getting red face from the difference in the water here. Anyways, I skipped out on my oil change this morning. I was on my way there and then I decided that I didn't want to stand in the garage and wait for 45 mins, or whatever, for them to do what they had to do. They have NO sitting area and I had no book or anything with me. I figure I'll call them up and tell them I forgot and just re-schedule. Too shitty of a day. The good news is that my diet must be balanced b/c the severe weather change has not effected me other than dropping my mood slightly. Not bad, I say, I am impressed!

Love, CAT xXx