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Tuesday, Sept. 09, 2003, 11:55 a.m.: Del Toro baby!!!

Another day...another dollar. Don't ask me why the fuck I just wrote that, 'cause I don't fucking have a god damn clue!!!!! It is however, another day...and a beautiful one @ that. So I did end up checking out the festival last night. I went down with a girlfriend of mine to see if we could catch Benecio. We stood in the rush line to see if we could get in to 21 grams..we were hoping that there would be room for us, but by the look of the line we knew it was a far cry. Either way we waited and then like 7 limos pulled up beside us and out of one of them stepped fucking Benecio Del Toro. Fuck, I love that man!!!! I mean, he was all weatehr looking...white hair and all...but he looked like a god. Okay, I'm over-exaggerating, but I'm trying to get across that he is amazing no matter what the fuck he looks like. Shite!!!!! So yea, we never did get in but it was still cool.

I'm pretty free from auditions this week. I'm filming Thursday and then again this w/e. Then I've gotta find more shit to work on...other than my agent mail out. Things are good right now...I'm fucking content...which is a very weird feeling for me.

Love, CAT xXx