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Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2003, 9:13 a.m.: cute white hat...

My girlfriend has been dragging me to the mall with her lately...ever since I've been back. So far this week she's spent like almost $700 on clothes. I'm trying to curb my spending b/c it gets to the point where you're just buying frivolously and it's really not a good idea. She bought another pair of boots for herself and while I was hanging a/r in the store I tried this cute white hat on...and it looked amazing. So yes, I bought it. I figure it's okay to accessorize, you know!!!

I just found out that my fave actor from QAF was @ a screening for a film he is in. I didn't even know a/b it until this morning...which is one day later than the screening was. Boo-fucking-Hoo. No seriously, I'm upset a/b that one. I'm hoping to make it to the press/industry screening, with my girlfriend, who is working the festival. It would be awesome if he was there for that, which is toatlly possible b/c it's major publicity and he'd want all that he could get...I'm sure. He's not a major big name star who has to constantly duck out and away, in fear of being swarmed by fans so...

When [and if] I make it to that calibre as an actor, I'm going to go to all the screenings and talk to everyone I can. I want everybody to see my face, so that they can never forget me. I'd open my limo window and wave to everyone outside, waiting to see my movie, and I'd try to sign every person's paper or picture. Totally!!! Mark my words on that one. I will not be the witch who bitches a/b being famous and refuses to sign autographs. It's funny now, b/c I notice that people are starting to say to me...'I always thought you would be an actress'?? Or... 'You're going to be famous one day'. I find it funny and a little surreal, b/c some of these people never spoke a word a/b that kind of shit to me b/f, and now all of a sudden I come back from shooting an Independant for 3 weeks and everyone thinks I'm a star almost. It's nice to hear and I guess from their perspective it looks as if I'm heading for the top, and I guess I am really...but for me, it feels much different. Just normal...like it's always been.

Tonight I'm hooking up with an old girlfriend of mine, from high school. She invited me out last week to this local bar with some other chicks from our high school. I never got her e-mail b/c I was away filming and she was under the impression that I had taken off to LA or some shit, when she kept trying my cell. I think she's got my old cell # though, so she'd never get through on that one. Well, tonight we'll catch up and I'll see how her summer went. Should be cool.

Love, CAT xXx