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Thursday, Jul. 31, 2003, 12:00 p.m.: one of those days...

I was away yesterday, 'cause I was @ the big Stones Concert. What a day it was!! First off, the night b/f I went to the screening of one of my films where I actually watched myself this time...and I have to say that I was impressed with my performance. The first time I saw it I was so nervous that I hardly even looked. This time, it being my second time a/r, I felt more relaxed [may have been due to the alcoholic beverage I had]and I got to get a good look @ the whole thing. To my amazement, where I had been freaking out a/b it b/f, I was enjoying it. I guess it just takes time...takes getting use to seeing yourself on the big screen.

So, that night I slept over @ my girlfriend's place so that we could go together to the concert the next day. We ended up parking @ her aunts place, which was a/b an hr walk to the park. They had totally blocked off the streets, so aside from paying $30.00 to park your damn car it was better to talk the stroll. An hr later we end up @ the enterance, with a/b 50,000 more people and waited till we got through the gates. Once we got into the park, we moved up as close as we could [w/o getting harassed by those that had been there since 6am that morning]. We managed to get nice spots actually. We had a full view of the stage and the two massive screens on either side. It was fine and fun and beautifully warm...until I had to go pee...then we walked [or rather, tried to walk] through crowds of people to get to the fucking portolets [sp]. Took 45 mins just to get there, all the while being yelled @ by people sitting on the ground. We would have just stayed there, outside the boundaries, if only we had brought all our shit with us. So, we had to truck it back through the mounds of people [another 45 mins] to get back to our spot. By that point, we were so pissed off that we decided to just stay a bit longer and then take all our shit with us, back to the outer area. It was just too crazy and the more people that were coming in, the more it was getting nastier and crazier. It didn't help that the two girls I was with were kinda prissy and shit. And I thought I was moody!! So, by this point, it's 8pm, I'm sore as hell...my back is burnt, and I'm trying not to talk too much for fear that it will eat all my energy. It worked, 'cause I actually made it the 45 min truck back through the crowd and then the hour walk back, and I still had energy left over. I was starving though and ended up getting pizza, and a burger for dinner. What?! I hardly ate all fucking day. The sun really wipes your energy though. All in all, it was an experience...but I will rememeber that next time I decide to do something like that...I should go with girls that are a bit less prissy. They started to get way too cranky for my liking. Why is it that I feel as if I ahrdly relate to the majority of the people I meet?? I mea, it could pose possible dangerous situations when you can barely feel comfortable a/r people. Forget it...I'm not going to get on this tangent now. It will just severely depress me.

On a positive note, I got a call-back for another t.v. gig. The one I went to audition for on Monday. I don't have t yet, but I am 'oh so fucking close'. Thankfully, that aspect of my life seems to be running fairly smoothly. My acting is starting to look like my family should. I get more support from 'it' than I do from the majority of the people that have been with me all my life. Okay, I'm getting melo-dramatic...I've gotta get going.

Love, CAT xXx