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Monday, Jul. 28, 2003, 9:00 a.m.: forever...

I got another part!!! I haven't called the guy back yet to find out exactly which part he wants me in. I got his message late last night and figured it wastoo late to call @ 1am. I'll find out soon enough...cause I read for a couple, while I was auditioning. I think it's time I booked a major film though. I want the experience of delving fully into a character and having to 'be' that person for like 3 months straight...or whatever, you know. I've been feeling like I want to crawl out of my skin lately. I know it's completely ridiculous cause I've gotta live with myself and..blah blah blah. But, really...come the fuck on. I must have a weak heart or something.

On that note, I went to a horse race on the w/e. I was really excited cause I love horses and I had never been b/f. I was however, sadly brought back to reality when I realized that the race was only like 2mins long!!!! That kind of shit has been happening alot to me lately. Still though, it was very cool to watch. I could ride a horse forever you know. Forever and ever and ever...

Love, CAT xXx