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Wednesday, Jul. 23, 2003, 9:54 a.m.: people person...

So I got it!! I got the part of the doctor I auditioned for. It was originally slated for a male character, but I pulled it off so beautifully that they cast me in it instead. How fucking cool is that?! I still wanted the lead role though...piss me off!! Ah, whatever. The only catch is this. With me in the role of the psychyatrist, they have an all female cast. That is what they were trying to avoid when they decided to look to cast a male as the doc. So, I'm sharing the role with another guy and they're going to shoot twice with the doc and see which looks better. I guess that means I have to kick serious ass then, with my rendition of the shrink. Shit, I just wanna get on fucking t.v.

I had this client come in today while the boss was out. Now he's been in here three times already, and everytime he comes in he's asking the same fucking questions a/b breaking down why he has to pay this and that. I've gone over it with him, the other chick here went over it with him. Even the boss went over it with him and now he comes in...rather, sneaks in here and tries to ask again. I told him I was not going to go over it again with him b/c he was just going to go and ask the boss anyways...so he might as well wait for him. I'm NOT wasting my words on him again...fuck that!!!! I was already a/b to have a brain anuerism as soon as I saw him walk through the door. We've each been on the phone with people who are with the accounting deparment, three times, getting them to break it down with us so that we can thoroughly explain every fucking minute detail to this guy. I feel like he's a big scammer cause nobody is that untrustworthy. Unless of course, he doesn't listen to a word we're each saying to him. You know, I am a people person but I don't have the patience to deal with ones that cannot understand or comprehend...it stresses me. Especially a/f 2x exlaining. That's my limit...with people I care a/b it's more, but that's it!

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You are Fetish Dita!

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