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Friday, May. 30, 2003, 8:50 a.m.: complicated...

I had 2 new parts offered to me yesterday. One for sure...I auditioned a couple weeks back and they called. The other one I got a call from some guy I didn't know, and he told me that a friend in his class [who I auditioned for b/f] said I would be perfect for the part in his film. I thought that was pretty awesome...means I made quite an impression on them to point me out specifically. This particular school seems to really like me. What I hope for is that these kids go on to continue making movies and then when they see me come a/r again, in the future, I've already gotten myself known. You never know who tomorrow's big boys and girls will be so I might as well make the best impression on everyone. So today I've gotta leave in a bit to go see this guy.

I'm getting worried a/b a girlfriend of mine. She's seeing this new guy who I think is a big asshole. They've gone out a few times, she's fucked him, and he never calls her...never!! So in the inbetween times she goes almost crazy thinking a/b him. I can't seem to get it through her head that he really doesn't care very much a/b her if this is how he is acting. She's stuck on the great time they have together when they're out, and while it may be so it still doesn't make up for the lack of attention she gets a/f. So she's been drinking more than usual and when she drinks all she talks a/b is him. It's crazy...I don't know what to do anymore with her. Fuck! I guess I just have to stick it out with her through this period. I think she's having a hard time dealing with her marriage breaking up...she doesn't express her emotions very well. It's gotta be very hard for her. Human nature is so complicated.

Love, CAT xXx