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Thursday, May. 29, 2003, 11:23 a.m.: wants it all...

So I got this wonder audition notice today. It's for a contempory styled dance piece that will air on Bravo...I think everyone has that station. The style of dance combines ballet, jazz, and modern. It's the shit I love!!! There's no set technique, it's rebellious and crazy. I'm excited a/b this and I have a really good feeling a/b it too. If I do end up getting an audition and booking this gig, not only do I get paid, but I'll be set up with my first union credit...added bonus. I really dispise dance auditions b/c they're usually so generic and they focus on technique too much. This I think is different...so we'll see. There I go talking a/b work again.

It's my baby sister's birthday today. She's in Florida with my parents, but I called my Dad's cell and left a message. She's 9 years old today. Fuck!! Time is already flying way too fast.

Tonight I'm suppose to go to this Salsa club with some girlfriends. We get lessons and then it opens up into a club @ like 11pm or some shit. I hope I get a good partner cause if I get stuck with shit, I'm going to cry. Here I go again... I don't even want to go over my pathetic audition from last night. Makes me want to cry too. I was in and out in less than 3mins...sucked. I mean, I don't really care that they didn't want me. It doesn't bruise my ego or whatever...but I want almost everything I audition for, so. I see some people walk out of the audition room and look so meak and damaged b/c they weren't kept in longer and they know they aren't getting the part. As if it's a validation of who they are, as a person, if they get picked...which it is so not! I just want it all really.

Love, CAT xXx