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Monday, May. 26, 2003, 8:59 a.m.: poor little guy...

So my show went up this w/e. We had a few disasters, well, little disasters...but it still turned out okay. Friday and Saturday the main characters fucked up and had to improvise. By Sunday though we all had it down. All in all the turn out pretty much sucked but we had so much fun doing the show!! I didn't go out to party with the cast this time b/c my girlfriend showed up and we went out instead a/f.

I had a call-back yesterday for a film I auditioned for last w/e. They had 5 girls and 5 guys come out. It started @ a/r 4pm and I didn't leave until 8pm. My first read with boy numero uno was fucking ridiculous. We were playing a newly married couple and he got me to sit on his lap for the scene. @ first I was fine with it, I went along b/c I figured we were just going to do that...sit there together and talk. Little did I know that he was going to maul the fuck out of me every time I tried to speak!!! He started kissing my face, my neck...the fucker even kissed my tit, while I was speaking. I was surprised but I also thought he was trying to throw me, so accepting the challenge I fucking continued the scene and matched his dumb ass ad libing. @ one point, just b/f I get off him to check something out [where it gets into the really meaty stuff], he goes for my jacket with his teeth and opens it. When I went to get off him, he kept pulling me back onto his lap...which started to piss me off b/c I wanted to continue with the scene. So I played on it and basically told him we could 'fuck a/r later, hun' and tore myself away from him. This guy was such a dumb ass though, b/c @ the point where I start to flip out in the scene his emotion hardly matched mine. He was so dead!!! I was so glad when our scne was over cause I did not enjoy working with him. Mind you, a/f that I was ready for whatever anyone else thought they could throw me. I warned all the girls a/b him, and by the end of it he was so despised by everyone he was all tense when he went in to read. Serves the fucker right!!! I read really well with the rest of the boys...one in particular. They did a height check with us, when we came in, and when we finished our scene they were like, 'I really thought you guys were married'. The last guy I read with was a guy I had done another call-back with. He played a psycho in the last one and he has that demenour a/b him all the time. He kinda threw me off b/c of it. He was reading the scene like a killer ready to murder me more so than my new husband. It was a really great experience though...aside from the molester. Luckily the chick who was auditioning took total notice of how inappropriate he was being and made me feel better a/b it. I have a good feeling a/b this one...we'll see.

Saturday I got my kitty back from the vet. Poor little guy. He was so hard to take care of...they couldn't handle him, I could tell. He was so messy and dirty when I got him back...I know they didn't watch him well. He probably wouldn't let anyone touch him, so they had no other choice. He's so much happier now, back @ home with me. He's totally limping though and I have to feed him medicine every day for the pain. Every time i see his little paws I get upset...it was the hardest thing to do to him. I mean, even over stripping him of his manhood, the claw removal was totally disheartening. In a week I'm taking him back for a check-up and then I'm going to give him a nice warm bath and clean him all up. My poor baby.

Love, CAT xXx