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Tuesday, May. 27, 2003, 8:59 a.m.: fixing it up...

I think I forgot to mention that I got bumped out of a production this past w/e. I couldn't believe the gaul of these people to not mention to me earlier that my schedule was a problem, and instead try to make it look like I was never available. In other words they knew my schedule and could have [or rather should have] worked a/r it, for my big 1 scene. I mean, it ended up not being that big of a deal b/c the role sucked shit. It wasn't even a speaking part and these losers had the nerve to shaft me?! I cannot help that amateurs do NOT see pure talent when it walks through the door...but they'll learn one day. One day when they see my face plastered everywhere and they kick themselves cause they could have had my precious self on film. Fuckers!! I don't care that I'm not in it, but I wasted alot of my time for the bitches. They could have been more professional a/b it, but they don't have the capacity to be. So, on with it...whatever.

I got a call from the director of the short that I shot, a couple Fridays ago, over the w/e. He called to thank me for my work and said that he was very pleased with my performance and @ how well I show up on screen. He's going to be working on a new film and wants to fit me in one of the roles. I don't even have to worry a/b beating other actors out, I just go in and he places me. See I like it when things work out like that...makes my life a bit easier.

I went by my girlfriends place last night to hang out and watch QAF. I'm getting her hooked on it so that we can watch it together. Brian and Justin are back together!!! I was so excited to see that I didn't have to wait too long to see them where they should be. If there is any t.v. program I get crazy a/b, it's this one...and only this one.

My baby got all fixed up yesterday too. My brakes were shot, I needed rotors and two new tires. So I took it in to a friend of my Uncles and they hooked me up for a total of $600.00...all new parts. Now she drives so beautifully again!! All I have to do now is get my alignment fixed up and she's as good as new. Oh, actaully I have the front bumper that's all fucked that I have to get re-painted. I'm telling you, this car had given me alot of grief since I've gotten it. By the middle of June she'll be mine too, so my whole perspective will change. I'm going to start taking such good care of her. Maybe she'll take better care of me too.

Love, CAT xXx