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Friday, May. 23, 2003, 10:12 a.m.: cranky...

I'm a cranky bitch today! I got a call last night @ 10:45pm, from the girl who sets up the schedule for my latest project. She leaves me a message telling me that I'm needed to come in and shoot tomorrow [today] @ 1pm for my part. Now, I already know [b/c M.R. told me] that they went ahead and shot my scene with another girl b/c my schedule was too crazy and didn't fit theirs. So I'm pissed b/c I think they're just trying to pin me into a corner, with springing a call time on me last minute, so that I can say I can't make it and they can go, 'okay well we're sorry but...' Anyways, today I call her up, early in the morning, and tell her that 'yes I can make it if I can get out of there by 5pm cause I have a play to do tonight'. She then proceeds to try to cover up their error and tell me that they will be using me for another scene instead. So now, I'm a damn slut in the thing. Whatever! As long as I can legitimately keep the credit on my resume, I don't give a shit. It'll be a 2 hr [@ most] shoot and then I can get the fuck out of there. Very unorganized group of people. Funny, b/c they were priding themselves on how 'methodical' and 'organized' they WERE and here they are all fucked up. Totally un-professioanl! I would have been royally pissed though if they had gotten me to shoot the part that they already did, and I was just wasting my time with them.

I also got my new script for the next part I get to do. I play this bad girl punk rocker chick in prison who has given up on freedom and just doesn't give a fuck anymore. It's pretty cool b/c the character is so different from what I've been use to playing so far up to now. I'm all dirty and ratty, instead of all perfect and sexy. It'll be some good footage to put on video to show potential agents.

I'm kinda nervous a/b the show tonight, b/c I don't think we're prepared, but I'm trying not to think a/b it. I'm just going to go in there and do my part to the best that I can and then relax. I have 6 shows to do and hopefully they will get better with each night. Well, I guess we'll see how it all goes...wont we.

love, CAT xXx