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Thursday, May. 22, 2003, 9:07 a.m.: extreme...

Is it possible to sink deeper and deeper into someone for an eternity? I mean, when is it deep enough? When does it stop, or @ what point do you land or crash? Can it be a cosmic connection, so in sync that you're spinning together forever. I wonder if it's possible? I have a feeling it is, you know. I'm getting all weird, but I really don't give a fuck. It's scary though, b/c I am extremely sensitive and when I open myself up to different energies it can be very over-whelming. And really, good or bad in extremes can be detrimental. It's a good thing I love extremes.

I think it's time I switched gyms. Recently almost all of our spin classes have been cut from the schedule...b/c they didn't want to pay the instructors. It doesn't bother me too much now, but when I have more free time I want to be able to work out in a class. There's a gym just down the road that offers 24hr service and a whole shit load of classes for the same price. I think by the end of the summer I will have re-located. I can't survive on 2 spin classes a week...it's just not feasible. And I really like the class environment...I hate working out alone. It's so damn boring!!

Love, CAT xXx